For each theme, the Toolbox offers a “Path”, which provides a recommended sequence of activities, discussions, and exercises that will guide you through a fruitful learning process. Most Paths assume that you will invest a full day to work on the respective theme.

To prepare your Path and facilitation, please read through the Facilitator’s guide.


Model financiar

Increase your organization’s financial stability and sustainability.(RO)

Path of the Golden Cat(RO)

Analyze your current funding strategy, explore new models and learn how to approach donors or try out an earned income model.(RO)


Comunicare și decizii interne

Develop healthy internal communication and decision-making processes inside your team.(RO)

Path of the Rings(RO)

Identify ineffective communications practices; explore new models; or find solutions to conflict laden relationships.(RO)


Cunoaștere și învățare

Improve your institutional knowledge management and learning.(RO)

Path of the Wizard(RO)

Get to know new methods of detecting, transferring, and storing information, experience, and know-how in your organization.(RO)


Risc și reziliență

Improve your organization’s risk and resilience management.(RO)

Path through the Rocky Canyon(RO)

Get an understanding of your team’s risk tolerance, assess the risks of your organization, and develop a concrete plan for responding to potential risks.(RO)


Roluri și responsabilități

Improve roles and responsibilities in your team.(RO)

Path to the Perfect Puzzle(RO)

Analyze whether responsibilities are fairly and logically distributed, if you need more hands on deck, and uncover new practices for internal knowledge sharing or communication.(RO)



Identify the best way to achieve impact or solve social challenges in your specific field of work.(RO)

Path to True North(RO)

Create a new strategy from scratch or revamp an old strategy.(RO)


Viziune și misiune

Develop your vision and mission statement.(RO)

Path to the Lighthouse(RO)

Based on your values and ideals, create a collective narrative and understanding which will guide your organization.(RO)


Munca cu voluntarii

Lay a solid foundation and sustainable way for working with volunteers.(RO)

Path of the Millipede(RO)

Define volunteer roles and tasks, develop a support structure for volunteers, and create a strategy to recruit the right volunteers.(RO)


Impact colectiv

Build effective collaborations and partnerships for collective impact.(RO)

Path of Joint Action(RO)

Create a shared vision and develop an effective structure of roles within the partnership; set up agreements on communication, information sharing and strategic steps for your collaboration.(RO)


Învățare evaluativă

Explore practices of developmental evaluation that encourage learning and innovation in your organization.(RO)

Path to the Mirror Lakes(RO)

Get an understanding of the purpose of creating an evaluative learning practice; identify areas where this practice can be applied and define how you can continue to practice evaluative learning in your working routines.(RO)


Implicarea comunității

Plan and design a community event.(RO)

Path to the Vibrant Village(RO)

Evaluate whom to invite to the event; identify the need and purpose of engaging the community and develop an action plan for implementing the community event.(RO)



Develop a successful crowdfunding campaign.(RO)

Path of the Cheering Crowd(RO)

Analyze your network of supporters; identify potential crowdfunding anchors and build an effective crowdfunding strategy.(RO)


Colaborarea cu finanțatorii

Build trust and strengthen cooperative relationships with institutional funders.(RO)

Path to Building Bridges(RO)

Determine the kind of change you want to create within your funding relationships and learn how to develop a compelling narrative and communication strategy that supports the dialogue with funding partners.(RO)