Tools for Citizens

Tools for Citizens aims at supporting civil society actors who want to improve how they act, collaborate and create impact.

The Toolbox is made for civil society actors who strive for effecting positive social development and who look for new tools and pathways to improve their working together. The methods and Paths in this Toolbox were developed based on a needs assessment of civil society actors in Turkey, and while geared towards the context in Turkey, the Toolbox addresses civil society actors globally. The Toolbox is an open accessible platform in English and Turkish.


New opportunities through DIY approach

With this DIY Toolkit Tools for Citizens creates new opportunities for actors to work on the capacity of their organization. The Toolbox enables civil society actors in small and grass root organizations, initiatives, and informal groups without access to the resources of a metropolitan city to strengthen the capacity of their team and organization on their own.

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Collective we are more intelligent

Toolbox addresses a team who

is looking for strengthening their working together

wants to find out their capacity building need

wishes to spend a day on working on a specific capacity building need

or searches for new tools and methods

has a team member with facilitation skills to host a toolbox team workshop

or could involve an external facilitator